Preparing for One on One meetings and the Fourth

Game Changers Group


We have had our third group together. You’ve had the opportunity to begin clearing some of the areas that may be getting in the way of your New Way and to become clearer about, or begin acting on, your intention ‘to do what is yours to do’ as a Game Changer.

We are now half way through the program and about to have our one on one session. Spend a few minutes reflecting on the following questions in preparation for that session:

  • What is happening for you now in relation to your coaching topic? How does it relate to your current understanding or intention about ‘what you are here to do’?

  • What are you seeing in your New Way of Being and Current Way of Being as it relates to the above?

  • How are your development objectives informing your practices?

  • What would be most beneficial to focus on in our one on one session?


Module:5 - Group:4

Choosing the Focus of Attention


The theme of our fourth group is Choosing the Focus of Attention. At this stage in the program it is likely that you can clearly see your Current Way of Being, so it doesn’t have the same hold over you and you are seeing elements of your New Way of Being in operation.

The intention of this next group is to focus your perspective on the dynamics operating in the group and begin to explore patterns of relating, which will have implications for your New Way and ‘what is yours to do’ as a Game Changer.

Gaining an outside view of and distinctions about the group process allows patterns to be uncovered which is critical for any work as a Game Changer that requires changes in Culture and Systems. This means changes in the way in which people relate.

As a bridge between our last group and this next group you will find links to articles which offer more perspectives on questions which may be arising for you now at this stage of our journey, such as the following:

  • How do we deal with ‘triggers’ that cause us to act in habitual ways that don’t serve who we are becoming and what we’re here to do?

    Atlas of Emotions - How triggers effect us - an interactive site

    Inner Confidence - An short article I wrote some time ago with a process that can be used for any trigger

  • How do we decipher the difference between  embodied wisdom and a habitual reaction

    Inner Guidance - How to find the Wisdom that’s always there

I invite you to experiment with the suggestions in these resources and find what works best for you.