Peer Group Development Programs

For Game Changers


You have or you are on the verge of stepping out from the crowd. You stand for something you hold dear, which by its very nature disrupts the status quo.

Your professional experience is extensive. Others look to you for advice and support, to be their role model.

This offering is a way of bringing my experience and talents to play a part in shaping a world that works for all, more conducive to life, to our deeply held values.

Aine Watkins

In these programs:

You can relate authentically and feel empowered and buoyed by others who are also standing on that precipice.

You appreciate that

the fundamental challenge embedded in the process of complex change is the courage to evolve.

You recognise that the business of becoming game changers in a postmodern, interdependent world, with an intensification of systemic complexity is as much an inner journey as an outer one.

It requires the moral courage necessary to step out onto the edge and the counterintuitive, risky, ready to look foolish strength, because what you stand for, matters so much. It’s the marriage of cognitive, moral, and embodied emotional capacity. The integration of vision and humility. It’s down to the bones and from the heart.

The program is based on the assumption that personal and professional development is inseparable. You bring all of who you are as a human being, which includes inner capabilities and character as well as understanding and skills to the game changing role you are called to play.

Programs are by invitation only, ensuring that the best mix of peers come together.

Register your interest here and we will work together to see if it is right for you.


Find out if we are on common ground when,


  • You are either in or stepping into a bigger, more purposeful role in the world and would love to feel empowered and affirmed by those who really appreciate what it takes
  • You are open to new approaches to develop and appreciate that game changing is as much an inner game as it is an outer one
  • You are willing to open up and make yourself vulnerable and receptive to others in the group, to face into blind spots as well as strengths


  • You think that system change happens out here and has nothing to do with your interior
  • You are unwilling to share vulnerably about your struggles as well as your wins and only see advantage in networking with like minded others
  • You can’t see the point in becoming more comfortable with ‘not knowing’ and experimenting to see what works and only want advice and templates about what to do



Programs include the following:


8 x 3 hour early morning or early evening monthly sessions for groups of 8 maximum currently held at a central Sydney location. Engaging in a series of one on one sessions either before or over the course of the program is a prerequisite.

Together we create a deep oasis of generosity, wisdom and soulful presence, where you can come together to accelerate your inner capacity to do the work you are already doing or about to do. Here you are supported to build your resolve and courage to play your part in the bigger game changing role you’re called to serve.

The company of extraordinary people reminds you of the power of having faith in your own uniqueness and acting courageously from it.

Anticipate a significantly greater level of intimacy and inner exploration than you’d typically find in a professional development program or peer network.

As well as accentuating your gifts we spend time facing into blind spots,that might otherwise hold us hostage, in a gentle and honoring way. The more light we shine, the more shadow we leave. Cleaning up and integrating unwanted aspects becomes even more significant the more we show up and put ourselves out there.

There is nothing quite so empowering and liberating as exercising the capacity to be a sheer force of nature committed to living your soul’s urge to be and become for the benefit of all.


The unexpected benefit of working with Áine has been the community. Women have always been good for me and to me, and I’ve been good for them. I’ve long understood the power of women supporting women and lifting each other up. Áine brings women who believe in the power of community together. When she invited each of us us into her first Game Changers group, I found a not only a unique group of women - a sisterhood - but also a way of closing the doors on doubt or that feeling of ‘why me’ and finding a path to ‘it’s all of us and my part is important to what we can all achieve’. I’d wish a Game Changers experience for every woman I know an opportunity to spend hours learning from each other, doing the hard work to understand yourself, and a deep appreciation that we are each an important link in the chain and that this is our time.
— Rhonda Brighton Hall, Founder and CEO of mwah.

Examples of impact:

  • More able to harness your inner power and wisdom alongside you professional skills and experience to serve the bigger game changing role you are called to play.
  • More able to engage fully, wisely, compassionately with perspectives radically different to your own whilst paradoxically taking a stronger, more solid stand for what you believe to be true.

  • The ability for actions to arise from a more embodied presence as a result of staying connected and true to yourself.

  • More liberated and empowered to enact your biggest visions, founded in facing the truth of who you are, as well as being real and wise about the interdpendent complexities of external reality.

''How can I be substantial if I fail to cast a shadow?

I must have a dark side also, if I am to be whole.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by

Making the darkness conscious'' 

CG Jung