Female Development Programs

For Organisations


You’re an Organisational Leader wanting to empower your Female Leaders to succeed.

In these programs:

We celebrate all that women can contribute and shine a light on often undervalued capacities such as intuition, creativity and empathy.

We work to integrate these with the capacities already learned and often overused from adapting to the world of work, e.g. control, structure, action.

Participants realise that innate feminine power is the lifeblood we have been all craving. It is the foundational fibre of our being.

There is a recognition that a woman doesn’t need to be like a man to succeed.

An overemphasis on the masculine principle without proper reverence for the feminine is a massive, largely unseen, but deeply felt, limitation for both men and women.Men and women are in this together.

Participants  learn to bring all of their  integrating strengths to the table, so that they can begin to develop the higher order leadership so badly needed .

Women become catalysts in changing the very conditions they have learned to adapt to, for the benefit of men and women, the success of the organization and society as a whole.


Find out if we are on common ground when,


  • You recognise the untapped potential in women and want to support them to access it and use it

  •  You are ready to engage in new perspectives & conversations about women at work

  • You are aware of the paradigm shifting research around different stages of development and curious to know how to apply it to women’s development


  • You want women to lead like men at the expense of their natural strengths

  • You don’t want to go beneath the surface of what is happening for women and only want to offer a few tools and strategies to improve 
  • You only want women to emulate those who have  succeeded through tough exteriors, who have stepped up and succeeded at all costs

Programs include the following:


One to one conversations with group participants before the program and between each session to support growth and review impact of insights and new ways of acting.

A tailored solution typically including 2 sets of 3 x 3 hour group sessions every 3 weeks with practices to engage in, between sessions.


Stimulate new thinking & possibilities around what it means to develop as a woman leader, the benefits and what it entails. Create a strong, rich container to share openly and vulnerably about challenges and hopes, victories and fears. Gently face the inevitable blind spots and resistance that gets in the way.

Between Sessions:

Engage in self observation and practices, which coax new ways of being and leading into reality, within the messy complexity of working  life


Examples of impact:

  • Enhanced ability to deal with uncertainty, cross functional working and wider, deeper, longer perspective taking leading to more innovative solutions.
  • Richer, deeper more supportive relationships with a wide group of women across the organisation which enable you to feel like you have someone at your back and makes it easier to get things done.

  • Being more of who you really are at work which involves letting go of the ‘game face’ and greater appreciation of what you offer.

  • Taking your work to the next level in ways that are meaningful to you and impactful for your organisation which liberate energy, well being and contribution.

  • Expanding the notion of success to include self care, rewarding relationships, engaged employees, being on-purpose, having a positive influence, as well as hitting quantitative targets.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind is its faithful servant.

We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift

A. Einstein