Áine Watkins

Professional Bio


Áine has facilitated, coached and designed people interventions in organizations since the start of her career in London in the early 90’s. Clients have come from a range of sectors - Finance, Health, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Professional Services.

Áine began her consulting career in London, working for PricewaterhouseCoopers, specializing in performance management and behavioral assessment for talent management. She went on to consult widely in the area of change management, in the context of mergers and acquisitions and the implementation of organization wide IT systems. She soon realized that crucial to the success of these projects was the ability of people to think and operate at higher levels of complexity and address underlying patterns of interaction, a whole area that was overlooked by traditional mechanistic methodologies. This realization led Áine to explore new approaches to organizational and human transformation. Since 2000 Áine has worked at the leading edge of change interventions to guide people through their own transformation so that they and their organizations can achieve what deeply matters to them. Her most recent work involves working entrepreneurs and with ‘game-changers’ who want to shape a better world. 

She has a proven track record in supporting leaders to maximize their potential and connect with their own intuition and strength so that they can courageously lead in the midst of complexity. This is achieved through working on:

  • Skill and capability development  - such as the ability to take a stand, negotiate and/or co-create, to be enrolled or enroll others in inspiring possibilities; 
  • Transforming mindsets – such as supporting people to move from skepticism to purpose, self doubt to self reliance; 
  • Building emotional intelligence – such as emotional regulation, building the ability to tune into others and listen generatively; 
  • Building the capacity to self observe – such as developing more self knowledge and understanding which generates more choice. 

Qualifications include an MSc in organizational psychology, a BA in psychology, four year training in Somatic Psychotherapy, NLP Master Practioner, intensive tailored training in Double Loop Learning (based on the work of Chris Argyris on defensive reasoning) over a four year period, MBTI, LSI, SHL personality and ability testing.

She has over 3,000 hours of individual and group coaching experience and has coached senior leaders from some of Australia’s most successful firms.  Having upgraded her coaching skills by training in the US as a Professional Integral Coach with Integral Coaching Canada, her coaching is informed by science and soul in the service of the client’s unique circumstances. She is an Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society.