One on One Individualised — Coaching Programs

For You


You have a burning desire to grow and move beyond your current challenges.

In these programs:

Expect to be met where you are at, free of any agendas. Anticipate a focus on what matters deeply to you, within the reality of your current context, organisation(s) and beyond.

Expect Insight, clarity, direction and practical tools to move you forward.

We’ll work together to help you more fully embrace your strengths and gently shine a light on any blind spots that get in the way. We’ll cultivate the seeds of a new way of being, already lying inside you, to address your current challenges and possibilities.

Using cutting edge, validated approaches to assess current capabilities that go beyond the conventional, you’ll go away after each session with customized practices for the mind and integral practices for the body, for emotions, for the soul.

Expect to feel fully supported and having someone in your corner as you engage throughout this program.

You’ll get a pointed focus on what will give you the most value, in terms of your development over the short to medium term.  


Find out if we are on common ground when,


  • You have reached an impasse and really want to move beyond it
  • You know that there are no simple, quick fixes and you’re willing to do the work necessary to move beyond your current situation
  • You have a burning desire to change the system you are part of and need to develop the inner capacities to do so
  • You face a degree of complexity and uncertainty that can be overwhelming and need an inner upgrade to leverage your capability


  • You're not really interested in diving in and growing from within, you're just looking for a few simple tools, strategies and advice to up your game
  • You’re not open to questioning your assumptions and simply looking for a sounding board to talk through your ideas
  • You’re not convinced you need to change but thought you’d investigate as it was recommended
  • You think that those around you are the problem and have no interest in seeing the role you play

Programs include the following:


9 x 60 to 90 min one on one sessions in person or a mix of in person and virtual, every 2 to 4 weeks.

Intake and assessment:

We explore what you want to work on from many different angles. We go broad and we go deep. We clarify your challenges, how you currently approach them and bring to life new possibilities for the future lying dormant inside.

Expect to feel really seen and enthusiastic about the journey ahead.


I offer you a program with specific and clear development objectives that is uniquely customised for you, developed both by using a sophisticated assessment matrix and my intuitive wisdom based on over 20 years of experience in this arena. You’ll have a clear road map of what we’re working on and why that is designed to get you where you want to go.

Expect to be surprised, challenged and comforted.

Ongoing design and sessions:

We explore what you have learned from applying the customised self observation, foundational and focus practices I have designed for you. Gradually you move towards your new way, so that your challenge no longer gets in the way. I set you up with the tools, insights and practices that you can continue to integrate beyond the program.

Expect the unexpected.


When we complete we’ll assess how you have shifted and created the upward momentum to propel you further on your path. You’ll find yourself  filled with many insights and practices to continue on with your work on your own You’ll have moved beyond old disempowering stories and behaviours. You’ll feel fully alive, having found your own leading edge. And that’s just the beginning.


Examples of impact:

  • Enhanced personal power, leadership presence and the trust of others through greater self sufficiency and claiming of your voice along with wisdom in using it.

  • Increased agility and courage in uncertain and changing conditions along with the ability to organically respond in the moment and maintain your vision even when feeling less than your best.

  • Stronger strategic relationships across organisational and cultural boundaries, thanks to deeper emotional and intuitive intelligence along with the ability to sense crucial unspoken undercurrents.

  • Greater access to multiple perspectives, collaborative problem solving and the ability to steward creative processes.

  • More sustainable high performance and peace of mind which involves being clear about what you are here to do, honoring your own pace and setting clear boundaries, whilst facing extensive external demands.

  • Creating extended power for others and the wider purpose by transforming your relationship to old power.

“In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future.

The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no

longer exists”

— E Hoffe