I’ve long been the Intrapreneur- the person inside giant companies poking them, challenging them, loving the potential and constantly dissatisfied with the speed of progress to achieving that potential. I’ve also felt there was a better way to combine people and work and organisations. I needed a free voice, not constrained by a brand or a strategy that puts people (humans) last on the list of priorities. I’ve probably known that for the longest time, but there’s a thousand good reasons (read excuses) why now is not the time. Áine helped me know what I had always known but never wanted to admit - that now is our only time. The impact of working with Áine has been profoundly liberating.
— Rhonda Brighton Hall, Founder and CEO of mwah.
I can’t recommend Áine highly enough. Working with Áine was a collaborative experience during which we identified factors that have been holding me back and ways to overcome or work around those factors. She showed genuine interest in me and her emphasis on practical exercises, which focused on strengths as well as weaknesses, really resonated. Her ideas and insights have been invaluable and I’m looking forward to continuing to put them into practice.
— Partner in Law Firm
Áine has been invaluable in helping me navigate the complexities of human interaction, ensuring that the research I lead can have maximum impact for those living with the greatest disadvantage. As a researcher I have been impressed with the rigorous and evidence-based approach that Áine brings to this task. She is extremely perceptive in identifying the exact problems that need to be overcome, and in suggesting improved ways of working. In doing this she emphasizes current strengths, and then adds targeted practices to shape and extend these strengths delivering a more powerful way of operating. All this is done with the utmost compassion and insight but in an extremely individualised and strategic manner. Áine has enormous talent and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to extend their influence in a powerful yet compassionate way.
— University Professor
If like me, you want to make global system change you need to start with yourself.  And that is where Áine comes in. She has been one of my closest trusted advisors over the last four years, especially in times of dealing with inevitable life dilemmas. She can hold both my bigger vision for the work that I do and the impact I have in the global system, whilst simultaneously enabling me to do the inner work necessary for my evolution. This supports me to have the widest possible influence on those who are a force for good across their respective domains.

Through the structured practices that Áine designs, I have come to understand so much about how I operate in the world, moving from being a restless advocate to a more centered agent of change; moving from frenetically doing to mindfully being. To stay energetically and emotionally replenished I have learned to to bring more play, joy, meditation and creativity into my life. My perspective has broadened over time, which has expanded my influence and allowed me to accept more personal risk and to have influence globally. Áine has helped me to understand that it’s not about taking on more, it’s about activating latent aspects of myself to become more powerful in the world. She has taught me how to amplify my strengths and use the combined wisdom of my body and intellect to tap into critical undercurrents which inform wise, thoughtful action to lead change in complex and uncertain times. I now recognise that becoming whole and showing up as my true self is an important part of being powerful and influential.
— Elizabeth Broderick AO, Founder Male Champions of Change, UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur and Independent Expert on the issue of discrimination against women in law and practice
Áine worked closely with me, to assist me to understand the dynamic between staff and between staff and myself, as I adapted to acting as CEO. This included one and one coaching and a workshop with all staff, designed to improve people’s understanding of how different communication styles can affect the way in which people relate to each other. The workshop brought the team together in a way which quickly bore fruit. It gave us all a language to explain when we we are challenged by particular interactions. For me the one on one sessions with Áine were absolutely crucial to my development into a more confident and less stressed leader. There are skills I will take with me throughout my career. I highly recommend Áine, she is clever, ethical and warm.
— CEO Peak Body